Bangladeshi Mehendi Party Photography | Manchester

Emon's Mehendi

Date – October 2015

Venue – Bangladeshi Community Centre

Just got home from Emon & Lazuna’s Big Day but was I so eager to post some of their photos. Before I post the actual Mehendi/Wedding, I thought I’d share a bit more about what I tried out and learnt.

I’ve been lucky enough to know Emon for some years now and I knew the crews from Edinburgh were all coming down, an amazing bunch of fun loving personalities.

I was fortunate to have a balcony at the Bangladeshi Community Centre so I thought why not try using directional light from there. I placed two umbrellas facing down towards the stage. I knew they were also going to light up the dance floor, as they spread light consistently and have a soft falloff. To spice thing up a little for the group shots and during the dancing, I placed a yellow filter on the flash that I used as a rim light.

Towards the later part of the night I just thought I needed a bit more directional light so I decided to add another Speedlight with a Rough Flashbender next to the dance floor to create more shadows and highlights on the photos.

I first used the rim light with a Gary Fong snoot with a grid and once the party got into full swing, I took the grid off. Personally I think it worked a charm to really make everyone in the photos pop.

Equipment used:

  • Canon 5d mkiii
  • Canon 85mm 1.8 (wish I had the 1.2)
  • Canon 24-70 mkii
  • Canon 70-200 mkii
  • Pocket Wizard flextt (set)
  • Canon Speedlight ex600 rt x4
  • Gary Fong Snoot
  • Westcott umbrellas x2
  • Gary Fong Flashbender
  • Manfrotto Light stand
  • Gorilla Pod

These photos are just off the back off the camera as I’ve just selected them to share this post.

Click on images for larger viewing