Pakistani Wedding Photography | The Hilton Grosvenor, Glasgow & The national Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Muddassar and Zainab – Wedding and Walima

Date – February 2016

Location – The Hilton Grosvenor Glasgow, Kelpies & The national museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

Makeup & Hair Wedding – Farhana Rafat MUA

Makeup & Hair Walima – Sadaf Ismail MUA

Décor – Saffron Events


The Hilton Grosvenor was and is a challenging venue being located next to the city centre, it does have a few characteristic features indoors and out. This wedding was a segregated wedding where males and females dined separately for religious purposes and once food was over, Muddasar and his close family and friends joined the main hall where the wedding was held.  

We’ve highlighted the pictures from the bouquet throwing which was quite humorous with the bride’s sister catching the bouquet.

To add a twist to the tale we decided to take a few pictures at the kelpies after the event. This was one of the first time shooting at the kelpies and in a location where there is not a lot of ambient lighting apart from the lights around the horses heads.


From our first meet I knew Muddasar’s event was going to be special. At this point I had been doing this for a good few years now and for the first time ever a client got their own note book with them, I felt like I was the one with butterflies in my stomach, especially when it was Muddasar, girls I would understand but a guy? I knew this was going to be interesting.

We arrived at the Hotel first where Mudassar and Zainab were getting ready and from the start you could see how Mudassars theme was coming to life with just their outfits and details and boy were we stunned when we got to the venue. It’s the little things that make the difference between nice and extraordinary.

Our biggest challenge was the time restrictions as the museum stays open to the public during the day, the stage and décor team (Saffron events) began preparations at 5pm.  During this time we planned a couple shoot so that we could make the most of the time.