Bengali Mehendi Photography | Queen Elizabeth Hall Oldham Manchester

Akifa's Mehendi

Date – October 2014

Venue – Queen Elizabeth Hall

Décor – Naeem Wedding Service

Mehndi Artist – Unknown 

I always like to arrive on time if not earlier for client shoots. Not only does this help me get in the zone to take photographs, it gives me opportunities to explore the photographic creativity potential in the space I work within.

When I arrived to Akifa’s house, she had just started getting ready as were her family. Since the mehndi venue was local and décor was ready, I headed over there for venue shots. Loved the amazing décor by Naeem Wedding Service and I would say that the lighting in the hall played a huge part in making the stage pop.

I love taking my time getting the right décor shots, it is an important part of the day and plays a massive part in the photographs and they should be appreciated fully (as should anything that clients have spent money on to make their day extra special).

I then headed back to Akifa’s house and the rest of the day panned out pretty well. The mehndi was full of dancing, laughing, fun and banter and again these emotions show in the pictures; it’s amazing when there’s a good vibe in the atmosphere.

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