Pakistani Wedding Photography | Dunblane Hydro Perthshire Scotland

Huma & Junaid - Wedding

Date - 16th August 2016

Location - Dunblane Hydro (by DoubleTree Hilton), Perthshire, Scotland

Catering & Décor – Saffron Events

Makeup Artist – Saleema Ali

Entertainment – VIP Entertainments

Hi everyone and welcome to Huma and Junaid’s Wedding day blog post! I’m just so eager to share these photos; it just has to be one of my favourite weddings, which I have had the privilege of shooting to date. Please check out Huma’s Mehendi to see how her story started with us.

Huma had a lot going on so by the time we arranged our venue visit, it was the end of June, which was quite convenient since her wedding was just round the corner and we managed to get an update on how the planning was coming along and fine tuning her itinerary to make the most of her venue.

Dunblane Hydro is a stunning venue with stunning scenery; personally I loved the small road leading up to the front of the hotel. We spent the day walking in and around the venue and talking about shots that Huma was really keen on having and also gave our own contribution of what works and what doesn’t given our experience.

Some advice to anyone who may be planning their wedding anytime soon or in the near future: please consider doing a venue visit with your photographer where possible, they play a significant part in how well your day will be captured and ensures that the client and photographer are on the same page.

On the day of Huma’s wedding, the sky was nice clear sky with a few white clouds and a perfectly comfortable temperature. We arrived to find Saleema working her magic on Huma that gave us time to quickly go around the venue and take shots of the venue and scenery before guests began to arrive and also get creative with her jewelleryshots.

Saleema did a fantastic job and transformed the natural beauty Huma into a stunning Asian bride. She was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond, even volunteering to help us with some of the bridal portraits. One of the most hardworking makeup artists we have come across!

The hotel had a beautiful reception room with tall luxury curtains and stylish furnishings oozing elegance (a theme throughout the entire venue in fact). We had to take advantage of how beautifully the natural sunlight fell into this room and took a few shots with Huma here.

Just before the baraat arrived, we went over to find Hassan and his team did another stunning makeover of the hall just in time to get the décor shots.

Huma had a perfect Scottish-Desi team welcome the baraat with a bagpipe and dhol player (RDF), surprisingly it sounded pretty awesome. The DJ team; VIP Entertainments also did a brilliant job of keeping the event organised and it was clear that all of the guests really enjoyed Huma’s wedding.

The best part about shooting Huma’s wedding was to see how despite any small hiccups Huma did not let a single thing affect her blissful mood throughout her big day and it really shows in her photos. Huma and her family were a delight to work with, so friendly, approachable and easy going. We really enjoyed shooting their day and as always, it didn’t feel like work because we love what we do.

We would like to take this chance to thank Huma for letting us be a part of her big day, trusting us as her photographers and even accepting our advice in terms of photography opportunities.

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