Family Portrait Photography | Edinburgh Scotland

Ashaan Bhai - Family Portraits

Date – June 2015

Location – Corstorphine, Cammo & Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

So I’ve known Ahshan Bhai from when I first moved to Edinburgh, its interesting to see how time has changed the person I knew from our teenage years to the family man he has become now.

I was speaking to Ahshan Bhai about my work and how I wanted to explore family portraits alongside wedding photography. Being a father myself, I know how priceless and precious moments are when the little ones are growing (you may notice I’m often photographing my family, particularly wee maha) and how better to remember them by taking a family portraits as the family grows.

Family life certainly takes over; it took a few weeks to organize a date within our busy schedules where we were both available for a good 5 hours but we got there in the end!

We started off in the local area of Corstorphine, then headed to Cammo followed by a pit stop for food and an outfit change before heading to the last location at the Ocean terminal.

To help me carry on with my conquest into “mastering light” I decided to chuck in a little bit of off-camera flash in some of the photos.

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