Pakistani Mehendi Photography | The Grand Station, Wolverhampton

Salman & Maha (Part 2) – Maha’s Mehendi

Date – July 2016

Location - the grand station, Wolverhampton

Video – Memoirz

We had never shot at this venue before but I was really excited about it, I mean the name says it all “the grand station”…

When we arrived, immediately we noticed the stunning exterior of the building and inside the reception area was filled with character. The main hall on the other hand is a little challenging with it being so narrow.

From the previous mehendi bash with these guys we knew this was going to be a busy, lively event.

The dance floor was right in front of the stage but due to the narrow width of the building there was only about a meter of the floor left for the videographers and us to set up our gear and lights in a safe way whilst having enough space for people walk around us. Balancing the flash exposure with the people all over the dance floor was challenging but I think we nailed it…