Pre Wed Photography | Roundhay Park Leeds

Nasir & Minara - Pre Wed

Date – August 2014

Location – Round hay park, Leeds

Nasir and I first met at Jad’s Mehndi back in April 2014; he was interested in how I work as and briefly enquired about what I do as a wedding photographer.

His fiancé, Minara was the one who gave me a call around mid June. The funny thing was that I actually attended secondary school with Minara, what a small world!

Nasir and Minara were a great couple to work with since they knew exactly what they wanted from their photos. They were even happy to go for a prewed shoot (my first ever pre wed shoot!), I was thrilled to be given the opportunity and wanted to ensure that they were impressed with the results.

The shoot was booked towards the end of August, although I had a relatively busy wedding season, I was still nervous and excited about how the day would go; the weather, the location, the different poses we could explore etc.

I made sure I was prepared for the shoot with a little internet research on the location; Round hay Park in Leeds. Leading up to the shoot, the weather was amazing, a prefect picture for summer romance.

We began the day at Nasir’s house, he had just returned from a game of football –thankfully without any injuries!

As we made our way to the park, the couples were a little anxious of attention from passersby since the park was busy. However, they managed to find their comfort zone within minutes. It certainly showed in their photos and what a beautiful couple they made too. Take a look guys…

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