Pakistani Mehendi Photography | The Parsonage, Falkirk, Edinburgh

Salman & Maha (Part 1) – Salman’s Mehendi

Date – July 2016

Location – The parsonage, Falkirk

Décor and Catering – Saffron Events

Video – Zak Ahmed

“Its going to be wild”…I remember Salman telling me, at Barrys Mehendi and boy did this event live up to these words….

We normally get to an event well before the décor is finished and hardly any guests are usually present, this event was different. As soon as we arrived there was so much going on everywhere; whilst the décor team worked their magic, outside the marque guests were having reception drinks and nibbles. The groom’s family was preparing to welcome the bride and her family whilst there were people of all ages taking selfies or group photos. We got started right away.

Now we have come to expect Hassan and his team to always deliver excellence but this time he truly outdid himself. This marquee is usually draped with all white on the ceiling but Saffron added a touch of colour, although this looked amazing I knew straight away that I wouldn’t be able to bounce my flash most of it. Kinda put me in a situation I haven’t found myself in for a long time. I couldn’t use my light stands with small diffusers since there was no space, seating areas surrounded the dance floor. I was unable to set up my light stands with umbrellas since the ceiling on the far side of the marquee was quite low. So I thought, what the heck, lets just use bare flash and my usual three flash setup. I used a snoot and a yellow filter (to compliment the colours of the Mehendi) with one flash and placed the other two at each side of the dance floor, behind the seats.

Take a look at the photos; I’m quite pleased with them :)