Get to know me

·      Name – Opu Sultan (it’s common for people to wonder where the ‘opu sultan’ in opu sultan photography comes from)

·      Born in ’88 - the days where playing outside as pastime are the best memories of growing up

·      Devoted husband to Farhana and blessed father to wee maha

·      Green has got to be my favourite colour

·      Passionate about photography, gadgets and technology and if I wasn’t already doing what I love for a living already I would definitely do something related to tuning racecars

·      The two foods I could live off are chicken wings and lamb chops

·      Insects, heights and dark chocolate are a few things I’m afraid of

·      Krispy Kreme Mango Chillers or even most chilled drinks at cafés are my guilty pleasures 

·      The strangest thing in my office would be “perfect pushup” pressup handles (which are hardly ever used)


My love for photography 

“It’s not about being better than anyone else but its about being better than you used to be” 

My photography journey began when I bought my first decent camera phone, a Sony Erricson k800, for you youngsters it must’ve been around 11 years ago. I realised how much I loved taking photos and soon bought my first digital camera which I then upgraded to buy my first DSLR. I enjoyed photographing creative portraits of family and friends, landscapes and objects and not forgetting my favorite thing to photograph and be around, cars. 

My career in wedding photography began six years ago when I was invited for an opportunity to shoot a wedding alongside my brother (a videographer), I fell in love. The buzz and the excitement I felt being at an event where everyone wanted a picture of something or another made me want to experience more events where I could take more photographs and improve my skills whilst enjoying a whole day of photography and the added bonus of getting paid for it too! I worked hard for the first three and a half years. Gaining experience in the industry, investing in furthering my knowledge of photography and spending the majority of my income re-investing to continuously upgrade my gear and equipment.   

Farhana and I got married in 2012; at which we hired two different teams of photographers. The lack of support, help, advice and guidance before, after and on the day was minimal if not non- existent. You only get married once in a lifetime (or hope to) and we as clients did not know what to expect of our photographers or even hand not discussed what our photographers expect of us. Unfortunately, we were not happy with our photos or the service received however, given that there were no expectations set we were simply left disappointed, having spent so much money on our big day with not very much left to show of it.

At this point Farhana and I made it a crucial point to make every event a lot more personal to ensure no bride or groom would feel how we were left feeling.

“fail to prepare prepare to fail”

Every wedding is different, they each have their own drawbacks/challenges but more importantly each has its own unique opportunities. I look at wedding as a chance to make a difference at someone wedding. We aim to be an approachable point of contact to our clients from the moment they get in touch up until they receive the end product.

We don't look at each wedding as a potential sale. Whether you decide to go ahead and book us or not, the initial point of contact and consultation will leave you with a lot of food for thought and ideas to take away regarding your wedding day/event,

If you live near Edinburgh or Manchester or don’t mind travelling, get in touch and arrange a visit with us. You can come along and see some more recent work, view our albums and take away our advice from our experience as wedding photographers.


Also, I like to blog about what I learnt at events whilst using different photographic techniques and equipment in the situation/environment/type of weather I am faced with describing some of the challenges and opportunities that came by from the day itself.

So keep an eye out for my blog posts and soon I hope to create video tutorials to share my knowledge and experience in photography.

Opu Sultan