Pre Wed Photography| Didsbury Park Manchester

Shazna & Rej - Prewed

Date – January 2015

Location – Fletcher Moss Park, Didsbury

Shazna, a good friend of Minara had a quick friendly chat with me regarding photography at Nasir & Minara’s wedding. I gave her a business card and asked her to give me a call to arrange a consultation.

Later that week, we met and conversed about her big day and she was also interested in having a pre wedding shoot which was booked for mid-January.

As you would expect the weather was not at its best; it was cold, wet and windy, but it could have been worse! With it being cloudy and since the day was short I had the opportunity to play around with light using off camera flash and light reflectors; taking me to get one step closer to mastering off camera flash.

We met at Piccadilly Train Station in Manchester as Rej travelled up in the morning. This was the first time I met Rej and all I can say is what a guy! He was so easy to get along and together Rej and Shazna shined, they bounced off each other so well it was clear there was love in the air.

On location, as the day progressed you could see them grow into their comfort zone naturally. They both just seemed to nail the poses without having to interfere too much – particularly Rej, so if anyone wants any posing or modeling tips you know where to go.

Once we finished, we all grabbed a bite to eat together before heading our separate ways. A nice warm meal after a cold day out and about is just what we needed. It was lovely to get to know this beautiful couple on a personal setting. Unfortunately I have no photos of the delicious food but it was yummy!  Here are their photos…

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